Consumers Energy offers many payment options for members' electric bills. See the options offered below. 

Here are some common payment disclaimers that members should be aware of:

  • Consumers Energy offers several free payment options. If you are using a bill pay service that charges fees, consider contacting the co-op at 800-696-6552 or by email. See the information below for other payment methods.
  • If you pay your electric bill through your bank, keep in mind that these payments often do not process immediately, which can result in late fees. Make sure to process these payments early or consider using the co-op's payment options.
  • If you use a U Card from UnitedHealthcare to pay, remember that these payments often take a while to process and reach the cooperative. Plan these payments well in advance. U Cards can only be used for electric bill payments through their system.
  • Do not leave cash in the co-op drop boxes. If you want to pay with cash, please bring it to the Consumers Energy headquarters at 2074 242nd Street, Marshalltown.
  • Be cautious of payment scams. If you receive a suspicious call or other communication, hang up right away or delete the message without responding. Contact the co-op by phone at 800-696-6552 or by email to let us know. For more information on scams, visit our Scam Info page.


SmartHub logoSmartHub is a fast, easy way to view and pay monthly electric bills that include
      the following features: 
      •    Access by clicking on the Pay My Bill button on home page 
      •    Email notification for online bill availability
      •    Advise when payment is applied to account
      •    Notification of past due account  
      •    Retrieve historical billing information, payment history, usage costs and charts

check writing imageConsumers Energy accepts payment of electric bill by check
       •    A return envelope is provided in the
             monthly bill
       •    The  bottom portion of the bill should
             be enclosed with a check payment
       •    If the validity of a personal check is
             questioned, cash, money order, certified
             check, or debit/credit card payment may
             be required
       •    Second party checks are not accepted
       •    If a check is not accepted due to
             “insufficient funds,” a returned check fee will be charged and account status will be as if
             no payment has been received
       •    When a member’s check payment is dishonored twice in a 12-month period, the
             cooperative will require all future payments for services be made by cash, money order,
             certified check, or debit/credit card

Automatic transfer paymentEnrollment allows payment by automatic electronic funds transfer
       •    Payments are set up for electronic transfers from any bank, savings and loan, or               credit union checking account
       •    Automatic payments can also be set up with a debit/credit card
       •    The Authorization Agreement for Automatic Bill Payment must be completed
             and mailed or emailed to our office with required documents

Budget billing imageAllows for members to equalize monthly payments
       •    Payment amount is based on a member’s average electric use
       •    Budget payment amounts are calculated twice annually or reviewed at the                             request of the member
       •    If rates change, budget payment amounts are recalculated
       •    A notice in the message center on the bill will indicate if the budget payment is                 different or will remain the same following a recalculation process beginning the                  next billing cycle

call the officeCall Consumers Energy’s Secure Payments System at 855-939-3832 to pay by check or debit/credit card without additional fees. Available 24/7. Have your account number or 10-digit phone number on file when calling.

in person paymentPayments are accepted at the front desk of Consumers Energy’s office located at 2074 242nd Street, Marshalltown, between 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, excluding holidays

mail in paymentPayments can be mailed to Consumers Energy, 2074 242nd Street, Marshalltown IA 50158

dropbox paymentTwo to three business days should be allowed for payments deposited in the Drop Boxes to reach the cooperative’s Marshalltown office.

Drop Box locations are:



Consumers Energy
Drive-Up Box
2074 242nd Street
Marshalltown, IA 50158

Consumers Energy
Drive-Up Box
919 SW 3rd Street
Nevada, IA 50201