If you need to start electric service please complete the membership application at the link below:


Or call Consumers Energy at 641-752-1593 or 800-696-6552.  



►  A deposit may be required from any member or prospective member intended to guarantee partial payment of bills for service.

►  No deposit shall be required as a condition for service other than determined by application through a credit verification process.

►  A new or additional deposit may be required from a member when a deposit has been refunded or is found to be inadequate.  A member will receive notice by phone, mail or electronic mail advising them of any new or additional deposit requirement.

►  Upon completion of good payment record for 12 consecutive months, the deposit plus interest will be refunded.

►  Any deposit plus accumulated interest, less any unpaid electric bill of the member, shall be refunded during settlement of a final billing upon termination of the service.

Member service staff

Service Options

►  Installing new service.

►  Transferring service.

►  Upgrading service.

►  Relocating cooperative electric lines and equipment.

►  Installing temporary service.