Marathon® Water Heater


BEST CONSTRUCTION ~ No rust, no corrosion - EVER!  Unique 2-ply design: A seamless, blow-molded polybutene inner tank wrapped in filament-wound fiberglass.  Great for "brutal well water" conditions.

BEST DURABILITY ~ Toughest and strongest tank in the residential water heater industry.  No one comes close.  Marathon tanks are regularly tested to withstand 100,000 cycles from zero-to-150 psi.

BEST FUNCTIONALITY ~ Beauty is more than skin deep.  No anode rod means no rotten-egg smell from sulfates found in many water systems.  Easy-on/easy-off water connections.  Self-cleaning action of bowl-shaped tank bottom, coupled with a brass drain valve at the very bottom of the tank provides for more complete draining.

BEST VALUE ~ Marathon's renowned durability eliminates the cost of buying and the cost of reinstalling a new water heater every 10 years (national average).  This, coupled with energy savings, makes the total cost of ownership lower than typical water heaters.

BEST WARRANTY ~ Lifetime tank warranty*- the last water heater you'll need to buy for your home.  If the tank fails, you get a new Marathon with no "pro-rating" deductions.  (*See warranty information sheet at your dealer for complete warranty information.)

HIGH EFFICIENCY ~ Save on your energy bill.  2.5 inches of foam insulation minimizes stand-by heat loss.  No "heat-trap" fittings that can clog or chatter.

Marathon Electric Water Heater Program Brochure


Marathon®  Water Heaters purchased through Consumers Energy must be installed on our electric distribution system. Random inspections will occur on water heater installations.

Option #1 – Cash & Carry

50 Gallon $500 plus tax
85 Gallon $500 plus tax
(Co-op will deliver for an additional $35)

Option #2 – Fire to Wire/Gas to Electric

50 Gallon – $400 plus tax
85 Gallon – $400 plus tax

Option #3 – Water Heater to New Home

50 Gallon $400 plus tax
85 Gallon $400 plus tax

Electric - $486
Propane - $492
Natural Gas - $225
GeoSpring Heat Pump Water Heater $193

All cases based upon an equivalent annual consumption of 4670 kWhs, which approximates a typical household usage.

1. Utilizes Consumers Energy’s electric price of 0.1225/kWh.
2. Assumes a propane price of $2.00/Gallon.
3. Assumes a natural gas price of $10.00/MMBtu.
** To verify current energy prices, please call our office.

Water Heater Retail Value
50 Gallon $790.00 plus tax
85 Gallon $999.00 plus tax 

Together We Save